1. For Kindergarten, at what age can I apply for my child?

Children qualify for KG1 if they turn four years old by September . An individual observation is administered for class placement.

2. What extra-curricular activities are available?

Extra-curricular activities are available throughout the school year, and are scheduled after school hours (A different set of activities is offered each term.

3. What is the language of instruction?

All instruction is given in English. Except during the specialist subjects (Arabic & Islamic).

4. Do you have a summer School?

No, the school does not offer a Summer School Program.

5. Is your school segregated (Boys & Girls)?

Our classes are mixed (boys and girls) from Kindergarten and up to Grade 3. Starting Grade 4 and up to Grade12, students are segregated into a separate boys section and a girls section.

6. Does the school provide transportation?

The School provides a scheduled bus service which picks the students up from their homes and delivers them back after the end of a school day. The students pay an annual fee to use the bus system. The transportation program is organized by the School Administration. There are bus attendants that supervise and patrol the students while they are on the bus. School buses are also used for trips and activities.

7. What is the school's curriculum?

DNS is a private school, which offers an American curriculum, while supporting the cultural heritage of the UAE through a program of Arabic and Islamic courses. The American based curriculum has been awarded full accreditation Advanced. We follow the UAE national curriculum in Arabic and Islamic Studies. We follow an American curriculum in all the other subjects, including Math, English, Science, Social and Business Studies. Other subjects include history, psychology, art, physical education, information technology, and French.

8. What is the length of the school year?

The school year begins in 28/8/2016 and ends in June. The academic year comprises of three Terms.

9. How long is the school day?

The school day begins at 7:45 am and ends at 2:30 pm. Extracurricular activities begin at 2:45 pm and end at 4:00pm).

10. Is there a school uniform or dress code?

Yes, there is a school uniform which can be purchased from the school.

11. Are there parent teacher meetings?

The school holds one Parents Meeting every Term. All parents are encouraged to participate.

12. When can I enroll my child/children and what are the enrollment requirements?

The admissions page of the website describes the enrollment procedures. The first step for enrollment is to download the application from the website, complete it, and fax it to ( ). After reviewing the completed application, our Admissions Office will contact you to schedule an appointment for admissions testing and answer any additional queries.

13. Do you conduct entrance exams?

The school holds one Parents Meeting every Term. All parents are encouraged to participate.